Renewal Road Levy

On behalf of Beavercreek Township, we would like to thank the community for the overwhelming support of the Road Levy.  We are proud to serve all the residents of this great community and appreciate all that you do for us!  

Renewal Road Levy in the Unincorporated Area - No Tax Increase

Renewal Road Levy on May 4 Ballot

Beavercreek Township Trustees have placed a renewal 1.5 mill continuous road levy on the May 4 ballot. This levy represents 38% of the Road and Bridge Fund revenue is the primary funding source for 10 full-time employees.

Levy History

This levy was original passed in 1982 as a 1 mil levy and subsequently renewed until it was replaced and increased to a 1.5 mill levy in 2006 and last renewed in 2016.

What does this levy provide?

  1. Provides funding for the operation of the Road Department. 
  2. Provides the available local funds to leverage State and Federal grants monies utilized to upgrade the road system, as well as funding for the annual road resurfacing program.
  3. Maintains approximately 47.41 centerline miles of roadway, signs, pavement makings, storm sewer systems.
  4. Provides residents service such as snow plowing, street sweeping, pavement repairs, roadside mowing, ditching, tree trimming, and is essential in maintaining the infrastructure of roadways in the Township’s unincorporated area.

Will my taxes increase

No. The amount of money collected will stay constant with the amount of funding received during the last levy cycle.

Why is the request for a continuous levy and not a 5-year levy?

The Township would like to eliminate the risk of losing 38% of the road and bridge fund revenue necessary to maintain the current level of services to Township residents and to stabilize our funding for the future and to provide for long range planning of the Township services. Additionally, this will preserve the 12.5% property tax rollback on this portion of this levy issued by the state to our residents.

How much will the levy cost per $100K valuation? 

The levy will cost residents $37.23 per $100,000 value of their property.

What are the consequences of the not passing the levy?

Township residents would see a reduction in roadway maintenance.

If approved, the renewal levy would result in No Additional Taxes for Township residents.