Fire and EMS Levy


City and Township Residents to Vote On Fire and Emergency Medical Services in November

The fire department’s 2009 ten-year funding plan ends in 2019. The 2009 plan has provided stable funding for fire suppression and emergency medical services since it was passed with overwhelming community support. As planned, the fire department now requires additional funding to continue providing the high quality service to which the community has become accustomed, as well as making necessary capital improvements. This is the fire department’s first funding request in over 10 years. The 3.5 additional mills continuing levy, Issue #6 on the November 5th ballot, will provide the required funding to continue operations and necessary capital improvements for the next 10 years. .


City and Township Residents to Vote on First Fire and Emergency Medical Services levy in 10 Years

  • First Funding Request in 10 Years

The fire department’s last request for funding was November 2009.  At that time the community overwhelmingly supported the funding plan by combining two existing levies into a single replacement 2.0 mills levy.  Before this replacement, the department faced a 30% reduction in operating funds every five years.  This action provided the necessary funding and long-term stability to continuously improve service delivery over the past decade.  In particular, it provided the opportunity to transition from a combination staffed department to an all full-time firefighter department. 

  • Honored Commitment to Drop 2.00 Mills Levy in 2013

As part of the 2009 funding plan, the department committed to using the proceeds of an existing five-year, 2.0 mills levy for specifically identified capital needs and then allowed it to expire without asking for it to be renewed or replaced.  In 2012 the fire department honored the commitment to let it expire, with the resulting reduction in property taxes.  Over the past decade, the identified capital projects were completed, with the renovation of Fire Station 62 (Knollwood), replacement of Fire Station 64 (Indian Ripple), purchase of five fire engines, one ladder truck, and four ambulances. 

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