Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for all fire inspections and investigations, and provides the following services:

  • Alarm System Inspection and Plan Review
  • Construction Plan Reviews
  • Hood Systems Inspection and Plan Review
  • Re-inspections
  • Special Hazard Systems Inspection and Plan Review
  • Sprinkler System Inspection and Plan Review
  • Standpipe System Inspection and Plan Review
  • Underground Storage Tank Inspection and Removal Management
  • Home Inspections for Adoptions and Foster Care

Permit Applications

Complete the application and fax, mail, or email to the Fire Prevention Bureau:

The "Fire Protection System Permit Application" is an application for a Fire Protection System permit, requested in accordance with Unified Fire Code, Section 501.2 and Ohio Fire Code, Sections 502.1 and 104.2.

*Permit application fee must be received in our office within 5 business days of submission of the Fire Protection System Permit Application.

Additional Information

For more information about the Fire Department's Prevention Bureau, please contact the Beavercreek Fire Department Prevention Bureau.

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