Fire Operations

Fire Operations for Beavercreek Fire Department incorporates all fire operations, suppression, EMS, and training required for the daily operations of the Fire Department. Suppression includes all fire extinguishment activities, including:

  • Apparatus design and layout
  • Fire suppression tactics
  • Incident management
  • Response management
Firefighters in Fire

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) makes up more than 70% of the calls that Beavercreek Fire Department responds to. Because of this, a great deal of time is spent preparing, training, and reviewing EMS procedures and protocols. Training incorporates all facets of Fire Operations, including EMS, fire, hazmat, and specialty incidents. Training occurs daily for all in-service personnel.

Ambulance Billing

Since 2005, Beavercreek City and Township residents are not personally billed for ambulance transports. Because you already pay property taxes, only your insurance company is billed. Any amount not covered by insurance is written off. Non-residents are billed for the full cost of the services they receive from the fire department. 

Additional Information

The Deputy Chief of Operations oversees the Operations Division of the Fire Department. For more information, please contact the Beavercreek Township Fire Department.