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Fiber Work in Neighborhoods

Beavercreek Township is experiencing rapid expansion of fiber utility services at this time. Several internet providers are working in the Township right now, with continued activity expected through 2023. The Township is aware that this work can often feel disruptive to a neighborhood as crews work within the public Right Of Way and even on private property within designated utility easements. However, these services have been designated public utilities at the State level and have the legal right to perform work in designated easements. The Township has no legal authority to restrict this work, and responsibility for any damages or trespassing into private property lies with the individual service providers performing the utility work. The Township encourages residents to reach out to the Customer Service numbers listed below for the internet providers known to be operating in the Township if residents have any concerns or complaints about the work being done in your neighborhood.

Additional providers have plans to bring their services to the area, and the Township will update this contact list as we are made aware of new providers working in neighborhoods


(844) 405-1114


(800) 331-0500


(513) 838-3647


(833) 267-6094

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