Road Department


Responsibilities of Beavercreek Township's Road Department and Maintenance Garage include performing building, vehicle, and ground maintenance. The following list outlines department operations:

  • 72 township vehicles including both fire and road along with various pieces of small equipment
  • All township owned buildings that include 5 fire stations, fire administration, the township offices, and the Beavercreek Library
  • Beaver cemetery


Road Maintenance

The road maintenance department's goal is to provide timely service at a level, which permits safe vehicular access to any township owned street. By completing the following tasks, that goal is achieved: 

  • Repair and improvements for approximately 47 miles of township roads and road right-of-ways
  • Curb and catch basin repairs
  • Storm water management
  • Pavement resurfacing program
  • Pot hole repair
  • Right-of-way permits
  • Road mowing in right-of-ways
  • Snow and ice control
  • Street signs
  • Tree trimming in right-of-ways
  1. T. Parks web 2

    Tim Parks

    Road Superintendent

  1. J.Schroeder web

    John Schroeder

    Road Foreman

  1. B Northup Web

    Ben Northup

    Shop Foreman

  1. Tking Web

    Tori King

    Administrative Professional