Beavercreek Township Fire Department Auxiliary

Service to the Community Since 1995

The Beavercreek Township Fire Department Auxiliary is an organization of volunteers formally established in 1995 to provide service to the Department and the Beavercreek community. Auxiliary members: provide emergency picture support to on-scene firefighters and emergency responders, principally food, water and shelter; provide crisis intervention to fire victims to help them understand what is happening, and to help them begin the recovery process; and plan and execute activities for the firefighters and their families - an annual picnic and holiday party, and baby/wedding showers - to promote a sense of “family.”

Early operations depended on personal vehicles, equipment donated by areas businesses - items such as coffee pots, a fan, a kerosene torpedo heater, towels and coolers - and, on the generosity of neighbors and area businesses for water, ice and coffee, depending on the weather.

The Auxiliary has since evolved into a better equipped and more highly integrated part of the Department. In 2002, the Township Trustees purchased a van for the Auxiliary and had it modified by the Township Maintenance Department. It is a self contained rehabilitation unit, stocked with supplies to support emergency responders and fire victims. It’s equipped with a generator for air conditioning, heat, and electricity to power hot pots, the fan and torpedo heater. The van, formally named Auxiliary 64, is stabled at Station 64 on Indian Ripple Road. Auxiliary members drive it to emergency scenes and training fires, and operate out of it at the scene.

Since 1995, Auxiliary members have volunteered nearly 12,000 hours of service to the Department and the community. That service has included:

  • support to more than 173 house, apartment and business fires, training fires including the Greene County Fire School, and other emergency scenes
  • helping more than 100 families cope after a house/apartment complex fire
  • planning and executing family activities
  • supporting fire station open houses
  • supporting annual National EMS and Fire Prevention Week activities, and the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival
  • supporting fire levy campaigns
  • attending crisis intervention training
  • selling reflective address signs as a community service
  • stocking and operating the Auxiliary 64 van
  • training Auxiliary members who will use Auxiliary 64 to support emergency scenes
  • training as a FEMA CERT emergency support team
  • working with youth through our Explorer Post 343