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Active Threat Training

This past June, the Beavercreek Township Fire Department participated in the eighth consecutive joint Active Threat training with the Beavercreek City Police Department. The goal is to prepare crews, both Police and Fire, to respond to and mitigate all the needs and hazards associated with an Active Threat incident. The training puts the crews in a position to practice in “real-to-life” scenarios all of the skills and knowledge they have and need for these unique incidents. picture

As more information is made available each year, the scenarios used are adapted, as well as the knowledge and skills, then taught to the crews. This year, the training consisted of four, eight-hour days where crews were taught and tested through both lecture and practical scenarios. The crews completed three full scale scenarios in which they were required to work with the law enforcement officers to mitigate all the needs demanded by an Active Threat incident. The scenarios included community volunteers that were dressed and had a professional apply moulage to look like trauma victims to give realism to the crews.

As the training grows each year it is not possible without the many partners that assist in this event. The training is hosted by the Beavercreek City Police and the Beavercreek Township Fire Department; with participation from Fairborn Police, Kettering Fire Department, Premier Health Partners, Kettering Health Network, and the Beavercreek City School District who graciously gives use of their facilities. The training this year was another success with lessons learned and experiences gained. Both the Beavercreek Police and Fire Departments look forward to next year’s training.

Beavercreek Township Fire Department receives American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Performance Award

The American Heart Association recognized the Beavercreek Township Fire Department at the June 12, 2017 Township Trustees Meeting achieving the 2017 Mission Lifeline EMS Gold Performance Achievement Award. Beavercreek Township Fire Department is part of an elite group of prehospital agencies in the US focused on not just "high functioning" but also "high quality" STEMI systems of care. They join 627 other EMS agencies in the US and 1 of 60 other EMS agencies in Ohio that are receiving the 2017 American Heart Association Mission:Lifeline EMS Gold Performance Achievement Award. picture

To receive the Gold Performance Achievement Award, Beavercreek Township Fire Department achieved a 75% or higher compliance score for each specific EMS quality measure for 24 months. These measures include:

* Percentage of patients with non-traumatic chest pain equal or greater to 35 years of age, treated and transported by EMS who receives a pre-hospital 12 Lead electrocardiograms.
* Percentage of STEMI patients transported to a STEMI Receiving Center, with pre-hospital First Medical Contact (FMC) to Device (PCI) equal or less than 90 minutes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported nearly a 21% decrease in the age-adjusted mortality rate from heart attacks in Greene County. The communities served by Beavercreek Township Fire Department should be very proud of their prehospital care professionals. Congratulations to the Beavercreek Township Fire Department on your accomplishment.

Website Updates
Posted on 3.28.2011
Beavercreek Township Fire Department's website has been updated to included easier navigation, faster uploads, and more publicly available information.